Monday, October 13, 2008

My second scary story

This is a story that was told to me during my long lived childhood, I love this story because it fed my imagination and triggered a response of absolute fear. Fear that in my most loving and cared for environment, I really had no need for, but it came anyway and I took it and ran, like a heist in transit, like coke in a cop shop. Please if you are of a sensitive nature do not continue reading.

'At a local boarding school, a werewolf was said to be on the prowl, children had been unaccounted for and the headmaster was in a panic. Rumors of this demonic being spread like wildfire but one brave boy decided to take a stance and destroy this fowl creature. So as the full moon crept upon the night sky, so did the boy with a magical shotgun, live with five silver bullets, he hid himself and prowled the school grounds. Alas, there was no sign of the werewolf, and as dawn ran slowly along the grassy knoll and the suns first rays began to shimmer over the Olympic standard sized swimming pool. The boy gave up and returned back to his dormitory. Already it was time to attend his first classes, the boy approached his cupboard and opened it, looking for a clean and freshly pressed uniform, instead there crouched the plotting werewolf and in a microsecond the boy was ripped to pieces'.

The end.

My first scary story

Well, I started out with such enthusiasm that I feel obliged to properly introduce myself. I am the soup and you are the soul. Or, I am the soul and you are the soup. Simple. I have never read (contrary to popular belief) the most highly acclaimed novelette 'Chicken soup for the soul'. Frankly, the title scares me. I have never read it, and therefore can't in any way criticize or critique the book. I believe it to be in the same category as 'The zen art of motorcycle maintenance'. Trust me, I have no clue.

Mama mia!! the musical.

Welcome, O' weary traveler sunder a space of your own. You might have very well stumbled across this site on an extremely late night. As I the very one and same kind of your type, deliberated and thought out, a devilish plan to lure your right hemispherical brain through obvious tripe, oh yes and welcome to my blog site.